Election Results: 2019 Municipal Election

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PDF and CSV files are shown below. Summary files will not be complete until all precincts are counted.

Delimited Text Results [CSV file opens with Excel or other spreadsheet]

Election Summary [CSV]

Summary Results [All files are PDF format]

Election Summary [PDF]

Precinct Summary [PDF]

Precinct Results [All files are PDF format]

Bellefonte North [PDF]
Bellefonte North East [PDF]
Bellefonte South [PDF]
Bellefonte South East [PDF]
Bellefonte West [PDF]
Benner North [PDF]
Benner South [PDF]
Boggs East [PDF]
Boggs West [PDF]
Burnside [PDF]
Centre Hall [PDF]
College East [PDF]
College North [PDF]
College South [PDF]
College West [PDF]
Curtin North [PDF]
Curtin South [PDF]
Ferguson East [PDF]
Ferguson North 1 [PDF]
Ferguson North 2 [PDF]
Ferguson North 3 [PDF]
Ferguson North Central [PDF]
Ferguson North East 1 [PDF]
Ferguson North East 2 [PDF]
Ferguson West [PDF]
Ferguson West Central [PDF]
Gregg [PDF]
Haines [PDF]
Halfmoon [PDF]
Halfmoon East Central [PDF]
Harris East [PDF]
Harris West [PDF]
Howard Borough [PDF]
Howard Township [PDF]
Huston [PDF]
Liberty [PDF]
Marion [PDF]
Milesburg [PDF]
Miles East [PDF]
Miles West [PDF]
Millheim [PDF]
Patton North 1 [PDF]
Patton North 2 [PDF]
Patton South 1 [PDF]
Patton South 2 [PDF]
Patton South 3 [PDF]
Penn [PDF]
Philipsburg 1 [PDF]
Philipsburg 2 [PDF]
Philipsburg 3 [PDF]
Port Matilda [PDF]
Potter North [PDF]
Potter South [PDF]
Rush East [PDF]
Rush North [PDF]
Rush North Central [PDF]
Rush South [PDF]
Rush West [PDF]
Snow Shoe Borough [PDF]
Snow Shoe East [PDF]
Snow Shoe West [PDF]
Spring East [PDF]
Spring North [PDF]
Spring South [PDF]
Spring South West [PDF]
Spring West [PDF]
State College East 1 [PDF]
State College East 2 [PDF]
State College East 3 [PDF]
State College East 4 [PDF]
State College East Central 1 [PDF]
State College East Central 2 [PDF]
State College East Central 3 [PDF]
State College North [PDF]
State College North East [PDF]
State College North West [PDF]
State College South 1 [PDF]
State College South 2 [PDF]
State College South Central 1 [PDF]
State College South Central 2 [PDF]
State College South East [PDF]
State College West 1 [PDF]
State College West 2 [PDF]
State College West Central 1 [PDF]
State College West Central 2 [PDF]
Taylor [PDF]
Union [PDF]
Unionville [PDF]
Walker East [PDF]
Walker West [PDF]
Worth [PDF]

Write-In Results

2019 Municipal Election Write-ins [XSLX]